Mobilize your SAP company at the lowest cost with Movilizer

Discover the 10 reasosn why your SAP company should use Movilizer


It does not require new hardware, new infrastructure, or licences in advance. It is very simple: the Movilizer ad/on is installed in SAP; the HTTPS connection is set up to the Movilizer Cloud and you can already use al the mobile devices.


It is more than just a technology. It consists of many applications already developed for SAP that can be used as foundation from which it is possible to build a new application according to the client´s need.


Movilizer is certified by SAP. It executes its transactions with space of proper name (/MOVI/ instead of “Z”).


Innovate your business with cutting edge technology. The smartphones´ revolution opens a wide spectrum of business possibilities and new business models. Movilizer is cutting edge technology that will allow you to innovate and transport your ideas in mobile applications.


It is beneficial to "Mobilize" your internal employees, but it is also a perfect tool to connect your partners and even clients in a secure way with its SAP environment.


100% of the business logic is found under its control in the SAP system. The application is completely developed in ABAP and  it will work, and it will be visually attractive on Android, phones with Symbian, iPhones, BlackBerries, Windows, Windows Mobile, etc.


Movilizer gives agility and flexibility to adapt to changing requests. You can add, erase or change any screen or field without interfering in the operations. For the end user it is completely transparent.


Building applications is very easy, like building a Puzzle. The highly granulated construction blocks will allow you to interact with the SAP modules from your mobile device. For a user, it is a simple application, for your IT team, the standardize pieces are easy to maintain and delevop.


Movilizer was created by former SAP employees. "Made in Germany" means quality and long term focus.


It works in any mobile device. Re-use existing hardware to execute Movilizer (mobile phones, smarphones, PDSs, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, etc)

Discover all the already created mobile applications and available Out Of The Box for SAP in our section Pampa Solutions.


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