Travel Expenses

SAP Travel Management is a submodule of FI, called FI TV that supports all business processes that require the management of a trip within a company. This sub module allows you to request, plan and book trips, create travel expense reports and transfer expense data to other functional areas. Main functionalities:

- Create travel request

1. At the moment that someone from the company needs to travel through the SAP system, create their travel request, where they report details of the trip, transportation and accommodation, cost of the trip, among others. 2. That request is transferred to management, where it is approved or rejected.  

- Travel request: approve-reject  

1. Once the application is approved, the travel services available in a travel plan and the online reservations in the SAP system are assigned.   - Settle travel expenses: 1.When the trip is finished, travel expenses are settled, which includes all the necessary data and documents.

2. Once the settlement is verified and approved by management, the payment is released. 3. Once the trip expenses have been settled, the settlement is approved or rejected for payment.  

* For its implementation it is required that the system architecture be enabled to make use of SAP Fiori.