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Discover the Solutions that Pampa offers for your Logistics area

    • Image of Gestión EPP

    PPE Management

    The PPE (Personal Protection Elements) are the elements and devices designed for the worker´s protection to avoid affecting their physical health in events (accidents and illnesses) that may be caused by agents or factors generated by their activity at work and the emergency assistance. This group includes the apparel with special characteristics that are required in the development of the working activities. The management of the PPE has become a problem that companies which need to control the requirement procedures and the PPE delivery must solve. They also have to know the cost associated to the PPE consumption and make decision so as to reduce them. Pampa developed a solution 100% integrated to SAP that allows the traceability of all the requirement procedure and delivery of PPE, establishing authorization controls. The solution also includes reports of the analysis of costs associated to PPE.  


    • Image of Movilizer para SAP Track & Trace

    Movilizer for SAP Track & Trace

    The Business model to implement "Track and Trace" in a company is very obvious. On the one hand, the mobile scan is the only feasible  solution to ensure the capture of events. With the 2D Datamatrix  technology for Track & Trace, it is the implementation of a mobile aplication the only way to ensure that the producs ID are scanned as they advance through the supply chain. On the other hand, the mobile phones, smartphones or PDA are perfect devices to use in order to identify producs (they are always carried, they have mobile cameras that can work as bar code scanners and can be connected to your SAP system through GPRS, 3G or WiFi).

    Movilizer covers both aspects, offering a solution tos can any kind of Track & Trace event  (against SAP REA, EM SAP or SAP AII) and verifying the producs ID (SAP against REA).

    • Movilizer for SAP-PM

    Movilizer for SAP-PM

    The Movilizer is not just simply another mobile application for maintenance and service scenarios, but instead a completely newly designed and totally revised concept for mobile scenarios. This innovative approach provides you with the following advantages. In general if you have similar processes and consequently functional requirements comparable to others in yourindustry, you still need an individual process flow for your special application areas. Using the Movilizer, you can structure the sequence of your processes and process steps individually within the mobile application. However, mobile maintenance and service management are not isolated applications for this. The Movilizer provides you the option of integrating additional functionalities from areas such as materials management and resource planning in the mobile process. You can also allocate the various role-based processes of the SAP System to your technicians and service staffand do this independent of specific mobile terminals.

    • External Commerce Solution in SAP

    External Commerce Solution in SAP

    Business globalization has turned the external commerce area into a critical one in a company, where it is fundamental to count on idoneo personnel and provide them with tools toe ease their tasks. Currently, a critical aspect in the companies Management is to carry out the follow up of external comerse operations, as well as its documentation and cost control associated to it. Moreover, the local legislation problems, introduce new features that in many cases excede the funtionalities of a standard software such as SAP. The solution developed by Pampa es 100% integrated to SAP and allows all functions and controls related to external commerce to be supported., as well as being updated to all new regulations that are being launched by the customs authorities.


    • Mobile Solution for Expedition

    Mobile Solution for Expedition

    Today more than ever, a difference has been made in companies as to the dynamics in which they manage their logistics operations. In the Expedition areas, and efficient and agile way is needed in order to do the good´s picking, packing and exit operations, in order to achieve that our logistics chain satisfies our client´s expectations. To that effect, the mobility and traceability technologies by bar code have become an invaluable tool.

    Pampa has therefore developed a solution 100% integrated to SAP to run over mobile devices which supports all the operations and controls required in the Expedition area. 

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