Electronic Credit Invoice

Credit Electronic Invoice is a mothodology that allows PyMEs to fanance easily in countries with high inflation rates.

Main propose:

Finance micro, small and medium companies through early payment of invoices issued to their "big" clients with they have celebrated a sold of goods or services.
Factura de Crédito Electrónica
Credit Electronic Invoice Solution Pampa BI:
  • Management receipts: obtaining receipts and current accounts created in AFIP. Functionalities of report and filtered out.
  • Matching documents on SAP: synchronization with SAP documents and proof of current account.
  • Acceptance/Payment: it allows operations of acceptance, payment, acceptance + payment, tacit acceptance.
  • Rejection: it allows operations of reject credit electronic invoice (Current Account) and credit/debit notes associated.
  • Status and logs management: status manage of receipts and logs of operations with AFIP.
  • Related Documents: link to SAP documents to make management easier.