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    • Electronic Invoice with xAFIP

    Electronic Invoice with xAFIP

    Since AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos/ Federal Administration of Public Income) launched the regulations regarding the Electronic Invoice and the receipt  approval online, companies in general (and specifically the SAP companies) have had to deal with this situation adapting to the continuous regime modifications in order to be aligned with  the legislation and to have, in time, fast and safe processes in such  a critical issue as is Invoicing. 

    The solution provided by SAP is based on the usage of a PI server to make the connection to the AFIP webservices. The problem is that many companies have not installed the PI server or do not have enough time or budget to implement it. To that effect, Pampa has developed xAFIP, which is a software that manages all the connection between SAP and AFIP.  The xAFIP solution is in constant alignment with the modifications of the AFIP regulations, which allows companies to reduce time and risks when implementing these modifications.

    • Gestión de Crédito en SAP

    Credit Management in SAP

    The credit collections area in a company is the key factor within the organization. Before a sale takes place, the Credits are has to decide to who, what amount and what time they will sell at and after the sale, the collecting area checks that the pay times are met; otherwise the area takes measures in order the ensure the collection as soon as possible. This is directly related to the company´s income and to the workforce, both reflecting upon its financial health.

    The Credit Management solution developed by Pampa is based in the SAP standard functionality and allows verifying the available credit the clients has when the SAP sales documents are created or modified.

    • Movilizer para SAP Workflow

    Movilizer for SAP Workflow

    The advantage of giving your managers the possibility to approve or reject workflows elements in SAP is very obvious: the approval processes are shorter and the company profits from the speed advantage. In order to implement mobility all you need is a very simple application and you will find a great amount of possible applications in the market that will allow you to do that. However, it is the Property Total Cost what differentiates our offer from the rest: Movilizer. Since it is a different focus only in mobility, it is the lowest cost option to “mobilize” your SAP workflow processes. 

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