• Agribusiness
    • Bertotto-Boglionne


      Argentinian company funded in 1948 in the city of Marcos Juarez. It is devoted to provide high quality and creative solutions to the agroindustry as well as to solve needs related to liquid storage. It operated worldwide.
    • Monsanto


      Fortune 500 Company Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri, United States Products: - Agricultural and vegetable seeds - Plant biotechnology traits - Crop protection chemicals Globally: - 21,035 employees - 404 facilities in 66 countries United States: - 10,317 employees - 146 facilities in 33 states
    • Mosaic


      Cargill and IMC Global joined to create Mosaic: worldwide leader in the productions of fosfatic and potasic fertilizers.
    • Terminal 6

      Terminal 6

      The T6 complex, formed by Terminal 6 S.A. and y T6 Industrial S.A., is the most importan export agroindustrial complexex in Latin America. Its shareholders are AGD and BUNGE. It is located in the River Parana shore in Puerto General San Martín.
  • Energy, Oil and Gas
    • Industrias Juan F. Secco

      Industrias Juan F. Secco

      Argentinian company, region leader on Isolated Electric Energy, Gas Compresion, rent and sale of industrial vehiclesnad maufacturing og metalmechanical equimpment for heavy industry.
    • Petrobras


      Petrobras Argentina is an energy integrated company which aims at operating in a profitable way considering the environmental and social responsibility. The company has the mision of acting in a safe, profitable and carefull way in the petrol gas and energy industry. Its vision is to be an integral company in Argentina with the ductibility of acting in different business contexts. Its business porfolio is concentrated in the energy sector, specifically in the producion of petrol and gas, refininf and distribution of petrol by-products, petrochemistry, electricity, hydrocarburates transport and commercialization.
  • Massive consumption
    • Paladini


      PALADINI is the Argentinian leading company in the manufacturing of cold meat. Traditional recipes, permanent quality controls and cutting edge technology result in products that can be compared to the best ones in the world.
  • Metallurgical industry
    • Costan


      Costan is a leading company in business regrigeration: it produces refrigerated shelves, panels for frigolifical chambers and refrigeration systems. Moreover, its Argentinan branch has a wide distribution web and assistance wich covers all Latin America.
    • Fric Rot - Grupo Tenneco

      Fric Rot - Grupo Tenneco

      Fric Rot is a leading Argentinian company belonging to the Tenneco corporation. It is in the producion of shock absorber (Rosario plant) and exhaust systems (Buenos Aires plant) for the automotive industry.
  • Metals and Mining
    • Acindar - Grupo ArcelorMittal

      Acindar - Grupo ArcelorMittal

      Iron and steel producer leader in the Argetninian market with international presence.
    • ArZinc


      AR ZINC S.A. (former SULFACID S.A.I.F. y C) is a company devoted to the manufacturing of basic industrial products. It is a pioneering company in Argentina, in the "Electrolictic Zinc" and "Sulfuric acid" businesses. It is the only producer of "Electrolictic Zinc" in Argentina. It has more than 55 years of uninterrupted industrial activity selling its Zinc pruducts in the national market as well as exporting to different markets in the world -contributing in this way to the self sustainability of the country and the generation of foreign currency.
    • Sipar Gerdau

      Sipar Gerdau

      Gerdau is a leader manufacturer of long steel in the American continent and one of the main special steel suppliers in the world. It has more than 45 thousand colaborators and industrial operatos in 14 countries - in America, Asia, and Europe- all together add up to 25 million steel tons. It is the biggest recycling plant in Latin America and currently transforms millions of tons of iron scrap into steel. With more that 140 shareholders, Gernau quotes on the São Paulo, Nueva York and Madrid stock exchanges.
    • Ternium


      Ternium is a company which produces long and flat steels. It has productive centers in Argentina, México, Colombia, the United States and Guatemala. It is one of the leading names in the Latin American market on the integral processes for the manufacturing of steel and its by-products.
  • Pharmaceutical/Health
    • Wiener Lab Group

      Wiener Lab Group

      An Argentinian company with more that 50 years of experience in the health sector. Its mision is to contribute to the developement of the clinical laboratory through highly reliable and innovative products targeted at the labortories of clinical check ups and boold banks. They have diverse product lines, which include diagnoses kits and analitical instruments for chemical clinic, haematology, coagulation and inmunological research. It has been acknowledged as a leader company in Latin America, with distributors in all the region and associate companies in Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, México, Perú, Uruguay, República Dominicana and Venezuela.
  • Retail
    • Cencosud


      Cencosud is one of the greatest and most prestigeous relail business in Latin America. It has active operations in Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Peru and Colombia, where it develops a successful multiformat stategy that nowadays employs more that 100 thousand people.
  • Technology / Telecommunications
    • Hewlett-Packard


      HP is a technological company which operates in more than 170 countries aound the world. They explore ways in which technology and services can help people and companies face their problems and challegnes as well as make their possibilities, aspirationas and dreams come true. They apply new knowledge and ideas with the aim of creating simpler, valuable and realiable technological experienceses by constantly improving they way our clients live and work.
    • SAP


      SAP América Latina y Caribe started its operations in 1994 with the aim of offering its clients effectivity and flexibility through applications facused on the profitable growth of the business. Counting on more that 12 thousand cliends and 450 partens in the region, it allows companys of any size to be more competitive and profitable, as well as to make their processes more efficient, potencialize their business´s results and reduce costs through technological innovation.