SAP Plant Maintenance

SAP PM - Pampa Mobile

With Pampa Mobile services and solutions you can:

  • Mobilize your process To define an strategy for implementation of mobile solutions according to your requirements and keeping on mind your issues and budget.
  • Extend the scope of your network The scope of mobile phone network offers the unique opportunity of extend the net of your company without any geographic limit.
  • Traceability To keep always a traceability of your materials and products, because of legal requirements or to optimize your logistic chain.

Pampa’s mobile solutions offer coverage of process in the logistic chain , where traceability is a legal requirement or somenthing that makes the diference:
Some functionalities

  • 100% integrated with SAP
  • Use of Handhelds
  • Print of etiquettes with multiple formats
  • Wireless Print
  • Logs of lecture
Mobile English version