The Company

Pampa was founded in Rosario (Argentina) with the vision of building strong lasting relationships with our clients by offering  them our experience and innovative capacity in order to reach their highest level of excellence.


What principles guide our work?

  • To establish Innovation as a fundamental aspect of the added valued that we want to offer to our clients.
  • To understand the foundations of our client´s company and aligning with their business strategy.
  • To follow methodological processes enabled for replication and the industry´s best practices.
  • To apply standards.
  • To focus strongly on management and follow up of our activities.
  • To understand the human resource as the fundamental element of our service.

Driven by our strong methodological focus and following the highest quality standards, we offer services that represent a very good cost benefit relationship for our clients. Moreover, having innovation and dynamism as fundamental aspects in order to generate added value, we develop solutions that tackle our clients´ problems.

Our professionalism and commitment have taken us to be named SAP Partner in 2011. This acknowledgement allow us to offer our clients and to the general public  the official SAP training not only regular classes format but also virtual formats and e-learning.

La empresa - Descripción

In 2012 we made an agreement with German company Movilitas becoming partners in Latin America regarding Movilizer solutions for all the mobile applications integrated to SAP.