Movilizer for SAP-PM

The Movilizer is not just simply another mobile application for maintenance and service scenarios, but instead a completely newly designed and totally revised concept for mobile scenarios. This innovative approach provides you with the following advantages. In general if you have similar processes and consequently functional requirements comparable to others in yourindustry, you still need an individual process flow for your special application areas. Using the Movilizer, you can structure the sequence of your processes and process steps individually within the mobile application. However, mobile maintenance and service management are not isolated applications for this. The Movilizer provides you the option of integrating additional functionalities from areas such as materials management and resource planning in the mobile process. You can also allocate the various role-based processes of the SAP System to your technicians and service staffand do this independent of specific mobile terminals.

IntroductionMovilizer SAP PM

 Movilizer is not simply another mobile application for maintenance and customer service, but a design based on a completely new mobile scenario. This innovative focus displays several advantages. In general, if you have similar processes and requirements comparable to other companies in its industry, there is still a demand for an individual process flow for its areas of special applications.With Movilizer, you can structure the process secquence and the stops of the process in an individual manner within the mobile application. Moreover, the maintenance and customer service management are not applications isolated from the rest. Movilizer offers the possibility to integrate additional function areas such as the material management and MRP in the mobile process. It can also asign several SAP system functions to your technician and service employees independently from your mobile terminals.

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  • Plant maintenance, maintenance orders with all the information associated such as operacion, texts, stage management time and material confirmation, object reference such as equipment, locations,…
  • Equipment management, including rotation, installlation, dismantilng, classification, parameter measurement, and status management.
  • Installation/dismantling management in the established locations, classification, parameter measurement, and status management.


It is very simple and very cost effective:

  • Therefore, it can be installed in external employees. It works in any mobile phone (even the simplest ones).
  • It is installed in seconds (the device configuration can be done by the end user).
  • It requires minimum training for the end user. It is implemented within days or weeks and you can do it yourself. You do not need external consultants.
  • It has no license costs. The service cost accumulates every month (SaaS)
  • You could control 100% of your future changes and improvements in the application.

It is the most flexible application for mobile devices:

  • It is independent from the device.
  • It is being set up instead of being developed (Movilizer is parameterized in SPRO)
  • It allows change of processes in the application “on the fly”.
  • You can integrate information of several applications (SAP o no SAP) in the mobile terminal.


  • Integration of multiple systems and solutions through the Movilizer cloud (with SAP AII, SAP ERP or non SAP systems)
  • Integration with other mobile applications in the device, such as mobile solutions for  DSD or WM.
  • Develop only needed in the backend systems (e.g. ABAP/4)


  • Few requirements in the training of end users.
  • The mobile hardware can be reused.
  • It does not require servers, or knowledge on middleware for mobile.
  • Short and increasing development cycles.