AMS (Application Management System)


AMS (Application Management System)

An AMS sevice is a big oportunity to optimize and make relations more professionals between business and IT, in the same way that the tools and methodology of project management that allow project execution of project implementation.

The managment of the business on SAP requires experience, local knowledge and resolute capabilities; and this one is the orientation of Pamps's service.

The AMS (Application Management Services) service of Pampa is a service designing to help and complement current IT structures of IT in companies. For that Pampa has: 

  • A service support model of applications which was proven and implemented in other clients. 
  • Knowledge in platforms and aplications to support. 
  • Understanding of business process in the company and experience toa chive standarization and government of them. 

It will allow:

  • Reach service levels required by the Organization. 
  • Get back valuable human resources for the company getting out of final users.
  • Stabilaze applications.
  • Decrece costs associeated to support applications. 
  • Line up IT structure with the company strategy. 

Pampa AMS service envolves the following components accordin to the characteristics of the requirements to support:

  • Application Support (level 1, level 2 y level 3)
  • Improvement manage
Application Support

The Support Aplication Model is based in define a difference between the service in two process that are design in order to accomplish particular goals and which should have a different treatment.  

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management