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Credit Management in SAP


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Gestion Credito en SAPIntroduction

The credit collections area in a company is the key factor within the organization. Before a sale takes place, the Credits are has to decide to who, what amount and what time they will sell at and after the sale, the collecting area checks that the pay times are met; otherwise the area takes measures in order the ensure the collection as soon as possible. This is directly related to the company´s income and to the workforce, both reflecting upon its financial health.

In an ideal world all the sales would be paid in cash, but in reality the credit sales are a must in order to attract more clients, grow, and give the market mobility. This is why every company needs to evaluate the risk of temporary financing their clients and also ensure the proper payment of this loan. Each company has different policies and procedures, but all of them face, at some point, the same problems: late payment by your clients, client´s bankruptcy, selling to a client who is about to reach its credit limit, internal resolutions of the customer´s claims, which clients to contact and how, within the universe of clients with delayed payments, etc.

The Credit Management solution developed by Pampa is based in the SAP standard functionality and allows verifying the available credit the clients has when the SAP sales documents are created or modified.This system carries out the verification within the credit control area. The credit limit consists of the credit components (guarantees), which form the total credit limit. Each client has its own credit limit, within which they can perform operations. The client´s credit will increase and decrease based on the performed commercial operations.

This tool gives support to all the sales process, because the systems automatically verifies and updates the credit consumed by the client; and in case the client does not possess credit to perform commercial operations, the system informs it allowing the company to evaluate the situation and to avoid irrecoverable deliveries.


  • Credit component management (guarantees) for each client
  • Management permit for each user
  • Credit automatic control about commercial documents
  • Automatic blockage of commercial documents
  • Lists for commercial document release
  • Client credit state report


  • Reduction of risks if non chargeable credit
  • It allows to determine reliable un profitable clients
  • Solvency quick verification
  • Acceleration in the process of verification the client´s credit limit
  • Identification of the total company credit risk
  • Credit component management (guarantees) for each client





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