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External Commerce Solution in SAP


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Solución Comercio Exterior SAPIntroduction

Business globalization has turned the external commerce area into a critical one in a company, where it is fundamental to count on suitable personnel and provide them with tools to ease their tasks. Currently, a critical aspect in the companies management is to carry out the follow up of external commerce operations, as well as its documentation and cost control associated to it. Moreover, the local legislation problems, introduce new features that in many cases excede the funtionalities of a standard software such as SAP. The solution developed by Pampa es 100% integrated to SAP and allows all functions and controls related to external commerce to be supported, as well as being updated to all new regulations that are being launched by the customs authorities. 


  • Entry of importation and exportation operations witn  SAP SD and MM documents
  • Entry of neurtralization operations
  • Classification of operations according regimes and subregimes
  • Classification certificates management
  • Temporary importations management
  • Automatic calculation of temporary importations imputations
  • Rights and reimbursement calculations
  • DJAI management (Declaración Jurada de Importación/ Importation legal statement)
  • External comerse follow up reports
  • Plan Vs real costs report associated to external commerce operations
  • Temporary importation´s current situation report
  • Temporaty importation remnants report
  • Consumption projection of temporary importation´s report


  • 100% integrated to SAP
  • Traceability and follow up of external commercial operations
  • Excellent ROI derived from the good management of temporary importations
  • Constant update of new regulation by the customs authorities

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