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Mobile Solution for Expedition


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Mobile para ExpediciónIntroduction

Today more than ever, a difference has been made in companies as to the dynamics in which they manage their logistics operations. In the Expedition areas, and efficient and agile way is needed in order to do the good´s picking, packing and exit operations, in order to achieve that our logistics chain satisfies our client´s expectations.  To that effect, the mobility and traceability technologies by bar code have become an invaluable tool.

Pampa has therefore developed a solution 100% integrated to SAP to run over mobile devices which supports all the operations and controls required in the Expedition area 


  • Usage with or without unit manipulation management
  • Suggestion of packaging material according to the type of material and customers
  • Data collection through bar code reading
  • Order in the warehouse by location
  • Picking operations
  • Packing operations
  • Good exit operations and printing of delivery notes
  • Printing of Packing Labels
  • Printing of Packing List
  • Weight control
  • Releasing of labels with mobile printers
  • Reading and errors log


  • 100% integrated to SAP
  • Dispatch time reduction
  • Mistake reduction thanks to the traceability and control through codeb bars.
  • Task control through log report of reading and errors.


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