SAP Fiori



It's no secret that everyone wants and experience a great User Experience (UX)! This leads to reduce training costs, lower errors and keep users happy. SAP Fiori provides a very good UX for SAP software. This comprises thousands of intuitive applications such as a set of guides to design the user experience. We are interested that you can know this tool and be able to design it in order to adapt it to the unique operation of your company.


1- The main objective of SAP Fiori is to locate the daily work of users in the center and support simple applications at the same time, which are fully customizable, adaptable to desired designs and mobile devices.


2- Fiori allows to improve the user experience by dividing large transactions into individual activities, which can then be observed in Fiori Launchpad, for different accesses related to the roles of each user in the company. This guarantees a user experience consistent with the Fiori principle of making its use more friendly, so its design is based on adaptive, simple, coherent roles and most importantly with adequate and intangible information to optimize execution of tasks).


3- It allows to improve the user experience by providing an attractive user experience, with a vision of the entire company, generating an increase in user productivity and by the ease of use minimizes training expenses. In addition to this, Fiori allows to atomize the daily tasks in any device, even mobile. Its very attractive design stands out, designed to meet the needs of the user, who can adjust the model according to their own preferences.


Through a very simple interface, the user according to their levels and roles is able to integrate their tasks in a single work environment and thus optimize time.


4- SAP Fiori has the focus on the User Roles: each application is specific to certain users, according to the roles that each one has (Human Resources, Finance, Production, etc.):


5- Benefits of SAP Fiori for the entire company:


Access to information and functions that are needed at any time, from anywhere and virtually any desktop or mobile device.

Interface design with a user experience philosophy whose main objective is adaptability, fluidity of information and therefore improves the experience.

* For Management:

It greatly improves management productivity.

Simplifies the approval of different monitoring mechanisms and requirements of working users.

It generates a pleasant work environment.

* For Information Technology Management:

Based on the SAP platform, it allows the management of technological infrastructure to integrate the different tools that SAP offers without additional costs.

The fact that the design is adaptable and customizable makes users benefit and minimizes training time and help to the end user.


6- SAP Fiori transactional applications are used to perform tasks between managers and employees, such as permits, trips, among others. They allow the user to execute simple SAP transactions on mobile devices, computers or laptops.


7- The report sheets are used to explore the key information and marketing information in business operations. It allows navigation through an activity sheet to other detailed information of each activity.


8- The analytical applications that Fiori has are used to provide real-time information based on roles about the company's business operations. Analytical applications integrate the power of SAP S4 hana with the SAP business package. It provides real-time information based on a huge volume of data in the browser.


9- By using analytical applications, it allows you to closely monitor the key performance and business management indicators. It allows complex aggregations and calculations of your business operations and react immediately according to changes in market conditions.


10- SAP Fiori Analytical applications run in the SAP Hana database and use virtual data models. SAP Fiori has the ability to work on the basis of unique and secure access, thus obtaining facilities to handle the variety of SAP tools in a unique way. Its versatility allows the platform to be designed according to a corporate image.


Fiori architecture based on User Experience, allows you to work collaboratively in the cloud on any device. It gives the possibility to create hybrid applications based on IOS or Android using the context of the cloud and without any installation.