• Finance

    Inflation Adjustment

    It is an standard solution that allows you update your inventory adjusting them by inflation rate automatically on three sectors:

    Fixed Assets

    This solution allows you to adjust fixed assets to inflation rate on a regular way, as part of normal clase activity. It admit revaloraze fixed assets according to inflation by their cost and its historical amortization regarding to the inflation rate.

    Revalorization is executed using a program design particularlly for this goal, that work out revalorization values and keep them in an auxiliar Fixed Assets book until the moment in which the amortization is executed. Then the values are counted in a Mayor Book with the amortization.

    The system revalorize the amortization values automatically too with adquisition costs and Fixed Assets production, in order to garantee that the Fixed Assets is completelly amortized.

    Normally Fixed Assets are revalorized to recurring gaps applying the inflation rate. However, sometimes the government can deliver a new normative that come to an agreement on Fixed Assets of one particular kind which should be adjuted using other rule for a concrete interval. In this case, it can revalorize the Fixed Assets using the manual revalorization operation in a consistent way. When the revalorization program is executed for the interval, it is recognized that the active has been revalorized and you do not try to revalorize again until the new interval.

    Mayor Accounts

    To adjust inflation rates to Mayor Accounts, it is calculated the adjust by inflation required for each account and it makes the suitable accounting  adjusts. The system calculates the inflation in Mayor Accounts.

    Normally, individual consignment are just adjust in national current, which are in foreign current are value by an standard program. However it is possible valorize open consignment in foreign currency using this solution, in case of adjust open consigment in foreing currency, the amount of adjust by inflation is divided just like when you steady balance in foreing currency.

    When inflation adjust Mayor Acounts there are several cases in which you can probably want to make a compound accountability. En SAP this ones are admit:

    *Balance o adjusted positions using an especific inflation rate.

    *Balance and positions nominate in foreign currency.

    *Interest in interest accounts

    *Creating a play of data batch input with documentation adjust by inflation.


    This solution admit the valorization of restocking for materials. Based on business and legal requirements, you can revalorize materials (according to its market price, an inflation rate or both) and after that adjust the stock. Using reposition costs, it can revalorize goods departure por these materials.

    Inflation data must be update in the material master data, if you want to include invoices and important payments, you should count them too.

    The count solution for inflation for Materials determine a reposition cost for materials, according to the market price or the inflation rate. If it is executed the valoration documents of replenishment in order to update it, the system calculate the effect of especific inflation and count the earning or especific lossing to Mayor Account of material level.

    Electronic Credit Invoice

    Credit Electronic Invoice is a mothodology that allows PyMEs to fanance easily in countries with high inflation rates.

    Main propose:

    Finance micro, small and medium companies through early payment of invoices issued to their "big" clients with they have celebrated a sold of goods or services.
    Factura de Crédito Electrónica
    Credit Electronic Invoice Solution Pampa BI:
    • Management receipts: obtaining receipts and current accounts created in AFIP. Functionalities of report and filtered out.
    • Matching documents on SAP: synchronization with SAP documents and proof of current account.
    • Acceptance/Payment: it allows operations of acceptance, payment, acceptance + payment, tacit acceptance.
    • Rejection: it allows operations of reject credit electronic invoice (Current Account) and credit/debit notes associated.
    • Status and logs management: status manage of receipts and logs of operations with AFIP.
    • Related Documents: link to SAP documents to make management easier.

    Travel Expenses

    SAP Travel Management is a submodule of FI, called FI TV that supports all business processes that require the management of a trip within a company. This sub module allows you to request, plan and book trips, create travel expense reports and transfer expense data to other functional areas. Main functionalities:

    - Create travel request

    1. At the moment that someone from the company needs to travel through the SAP system, create their travel request, where they report details of the trip, transportation and accommodation, cost of the trip, among others. 2. That request is transferred to management, where it is approved or rejected.  

    - Travel request: approve-reject  

    1. Once the application is approved, the travel services available in a travel plan and the online reservations in the SAP system are assigned.   - Settle travel expenses: 1.When the trip is finished, travel expenses are settled, which includes all the necessary data and documents.

    2. Once the settlement is verified and approved by management, the payment is released. 3. Once the trip expenses have been settled, the settlement is approved or rejected for payment.  

    * For its implementation it is required that the system architecture be enabled to make use of SAP Fiori.

    Electronic Invoice with xAFIP

    Electronic Invoice with xAFIP

    Since AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos/ Federal Administration of Public Income) launched the regulations regarding the Electronic Invoice and the receipt  approval online, companies in general (and specifically the SAP companies) have had to deal with this situation adapting to the continuous regime modifications in order to be aligned with  the legislation and to have, in time, fast and safe processes in such  a critical issue as is Invoicing. 

    The solution provided by SAP is based on the usage of a PI server to make the connection to the AFIP webservices. The problem is that many companies have not installed the PI server or do not have enough time or budget to implement it. To that effect, Pampa has developed xAFIP, which is a software that manages all the connection between SAP and AFIP.  The xAFIP solution is in constant alignment with the modifications of the AFIP regulations, which allows companies to reduce time and risks when implementing these modifications.

    Gestión de Crédito en SAP

    Credit Management in SAP

    The credit collections area in a company is the key factor within the organization. Before a sale takes place, the Credits are has to decide to who, what amount and what time they will sell at and after the sale, the collecting area checks that the pay times are met; otherwise the area takes measures in order the ensure the collection as soon as possible. This is directly related to the company´s income and to the workforce, both reflecting upon its financial health.

    The Credit Management solution developed by Pampa is based in the SAP standard functionality and allows verifying the available credit the clients has when the SAP sales documents are created or modified.

  • Logistics
    Image of Movilizer para SAP Track & Trace

    Movilizer for SAP Track & Trace

    The Business model to implement "Track and Trace" in a company is very obvious. On the one hand, the mobile scan is the only feasible  solution to ensure the capture of events. With the 2D Datamatrix  technology for Track & Trace, it is the implementation of a mobile aplication the only way to ensure that the producs ID are scanned as they advance through the supply chain. On the other hand, the mobile phones, smartphones or PDA are perfect devices to use in order to identify producs (they are always carried, they have mobile cameras that can work as bar code scanners and can be connected to your SAP system through GPRS, 3G or WiFi).

    Movilizer covers both aspects, offering a solution tos can any kind of Track & Trace event  (against SAP REA, EM SAP or SAP AII) and verifying the producs ID (SAP against REA).

    External Commerce Solution in SAP

    External Commerce Solution in SAP

    Business globalization has turned the external commerce area into a critical one in a company, where it is fundamental to count on idoneo personnel and provide them with tools toe ease their tasks. Currently, a critical aspect in the companies Management is to carry out the follow up of external comerse operations, as well as its documentation and cost control associated to it. Moreover, the local legislation problems, introduce new features that in many cases excede the funtionalities of a standard software such as SAP. The solution developed by Pampa es 100% integrated to SAP and allows all functions and controls related to external commerce to be supported., as well as being updated to all new regulations that are being launched by the customs authorities.


    Mobile Solution for Expedition

    Mobile Solution for Expedition

    Today more than ever, a difference has been made in companies as to the dynamics in which they manage their logistics operations. In the Expedition areas, and efficient and agile way is needed in order to do the good´s picking, packing and exit operations, in order to achieve that our logistics chain satisfies our client´s expectations. To that effect, the mobility and traceability technologies by bar code have become an invaluable tool.

    Pampa has therefore developed a solution 100% integrated to SAP to run over mobile devices which supports all the operations and controls required in the Expedition area. 

  • Maintenance

    SAP Plant Maintenance

    SAP PM - Pampa Mobile

    With Pampa Mobile services and solutions you can:

    • Mobilize your process To define an strategy for implementation of mobile solutions according to your requirements and keeping on mind your issues and budget.
    • Extend the scope of your network The scope of mobile phone network offers the unique opportunity of extend the net of your company without any geographic limit.
    • Traceability To keep always a traceability of your materials and products, because of legal requirements or to optimize your logistic chain.

    Pampa’s mobile solutions offer coverage of process in the logistic chain , where traceability is a legal requirement or somenthing that makes the diference:
    Some functionalities

    • 100% integrated with SAP
    • Use of Handhelds
    • Print of etiquettes with multiple formats
    • Wireless Print
    • Logs of lecture
    Mobile English version
    Movilizer for SAP-PM

    Movilizer for SAP-PM

    The Movilizer is not just simply another mobile application for maintenance and service scenarios, but instead a completely newly designed and totally revised concept for mobile scenarios. This innovative approach provides you with the following advantages. In general if you have similar processes and consequently functional requirements comparable to others in yourindustry, you still need an individual process flow for your special application areas. Using the Movilizer, you can structure the sequence of your processes and process steps individually within the mobile application. However, mobile maintenance and service management are not isolated applications for this. The Movilizer provides you the option of integrating additional functionalities from areas such as materials management and resource planning in the mobile process. You can also allocate the various role-based processes of the SAP System to your technicians and service staffand do this independent of specific mobile terminals.

  • Sales
    Movilizer para SAP ISU

    Movilizer for SAP ISU

    The service companies (electricity, gas, water, etc) that use SAP can work in different areas along the value chain: generation, transmission, distribution, sales and operation with the countersMost of these companies need a mobility solution to support not only the maintenance of the installations but also the services they provide to their clients. Movilitas provides the best solution to support SAP PM/CS mobility processes with ‘Movilizer for SAP PM/CS’ for generation, transmission and distribution companies. If a company is working in distribution or in operations with accountants, they will need to manage their clients’ counters. For these service companies Movilitas offers a Movilizer IS-U solution, which supports the processes related with the counters, such as the periodic change, the installation and dismantling of counters, periodic and non periodic readings, charges with disconnections or reconnection. In general the counters are located in the clients’ businesses or in companies, with or without Internet Access; this is the reason why a mobility solution that can work without connection (offline) or with internet connection (online) is a must in order to manage all the relevant information without the need of resorting to paper, increasing the employees´ productivity and improving the efficiency of the processes.