Movilizer para SAP ISU

Movilizer for SAP ISU

The service companies (electricity, gas, water, etc) that use SAP can work in different areas along the value chain: generation, transmission, distribution, sales and operation with the countersMost of these companies need a mobility solution to support not only the maintenance of the installations but also the services they provide to their clients. Movilitas provides the best solution to support SAP PM/CS mobility processes with ‘Movilizer for SAP PM/CS’ for generation, transmission and distribution companies. If a company is working in distribution or in operations with accountants, they will need to manage their clients’ counters. For these service companies Movilitas offers a Movilizer IS-U solution, which supports the processes related with the counters, such as the periodic change, the installation and dismantling of counters, periodic and non periodic readings, charges with disconnections or reconnection. In general the counters are located in the clients’ businesses or in companies, with or without Internet Access; this is the reason why a mobility solution that can work without connection (offline) or with internet connection (online) is a must in order to manage all the relevant information without the need of resorting to paper, increasing the employees´ productivity and improving the efficiency of the processes.