Pampa Training Center offers services for each of the areas involved in the training process that the company wants to embarkupon.Within our offers, we have solutions to assist the company from the strategy definition and training plan to the development and execution of the courses with all the technical tasks required to carry them out.

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Pampa was designed SAP EducationPartner in 2011. For SAP, their Education Partners are a key factor in the delivery of its producs and services.

The SAP Education Partner allows:

• To guarantee the client´s satisfaction, receiving the best experience and knowledge in the SAP solutions.
• To access the latest contents released by SAP.
• To provide value to the SAP products and services in a localized manner in the different cities.
• To look after each or aour clients in a customized way.

The Education Partners are authorised for the commercialisation and delivery of:

• In-person and virtual SAP Academies
• SAP Certifications
• In-peron and virtual Courses
• Products such as SAP Productivity Pak, SAP Acrobat Connect, SAP Acrobat Learning, Knowledge Accelerator, etc.

You can fin the course you are looking for clicking our Courses calendar or in our E-learnings catalogue

Education Partner