PPE Management



Gestión EPPIntroduction

The PPE (Personal Protection Elements) are the elements and devices designed for the worker´s protection to avoid affecting their physical health in events (accidents and illnesses) that may be caused by agents or factors generated by their activity at work and the emergency assistance. This group includes the apparel with special characteristics that are required in the development of the working activities. The management of the PPE has become a problem that companies which need to control the requirement procedures and the  PPE delivery must solve. They also have to know the cost associated to the PPE consumption and make decision so as to reduce them. Pampa developed a solution 100% integrated to SAP that allows the traceability of all the requirement procedure and delivery of PPE, establishing authorization controls. The solution also includes reports of the analysis of costs associated to PPE.  


  • PPE requirement
  • Authorization control for the PPE requierements
  • Limit control for PPE consumption
  • Control by origin of PPE reserve
  • PPE categorization
  • Integration with SAP MM, PP, PM, PS
  • PPE delivery
  • PPE stock control
  • Addresse´s integration control against SAP HR files 
  • Follow up report n PPE usage
  • Reports on costos associated to PPE


  • 100% integrated to SAP
  • Traceability and follow up in the PPE usage
  • Cost reduction associated to PPE
  • PPE cost detailed information