SAP Plant Maintenance

SAP PM - Pampa Mobile

With Pampa Mobile services and solutions you can:

  • Mobilize your process To define an strategy for implementation of mobile solutions according to your requirements and keeping on mind your issues and budget.
  • Extend the scope of your network The scope of mobile phone network offers the unique opportunity of extend the net of your company without any geographic limit.
  • Traceability To keep always a traceability of your materials and products, because of legal requirements or to optimize your logistic chain.

Pampa’s mobile solutions offer coverage of process in the logistic chain , where traceability is a legal requirement or somenthing that makes the diference:
Some functionalities

  • 100% integrated with SAP
  • Use of Handhelds
  • Print of etiquettes with multiple formats
  • Wireless Print
  • Logs of lecture
Mobile English version
Movilizer for SAP-PM

Movilizer for SAP-PM

The Movilizer is not just simply another mobile application for maintenance and service scenarios, but instead a completely newly designed and totally revised concept for mobile scenarios. This innovative approach provides you with the following advantages. In general if you have similar processes and consequently functional requirements comparable to others in yourindustry, you still need an individual process flow for your special application areas. Using the Movilizer, you can structure the sequence of your processes and process steps individually within the mobile application. However, mobile maintenance and service management are not isolated applications for this. The Movilizer provides you the option of integrating additional functionalities from areas such as materials management and resource planning in the mobile process. You can also allocate the various role-based processes of the SAP System to your technicians and service staffand do this independent of specific mobile terminals.