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SAP Hana

The new SPS05 E-Learning training includes the following titles:

HAIMPE – SAP HANA – eAcademy (8,5-hour course)
The SAP HANA eAcademy will provide students a self-paced online learning experience including access to training systems over a period of 2 months to practice their knowledge and prepare for the certification “SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA 1.0”.
Delivery: E-Learning + training system /// Classroom equivalent: HA100 (2-day course) + HA200 (3-day course)
HA100E – SAP HANA – Introduction (8,5-hour course)
Technical overview course addressing all target audiences.
Delivery: E-Learning /// Classroom equivalent: HA100 (2-day course)
HA200R – SAP HANA – Administration & Operations (9-hour course)
Provides more in-depth knowledge on administration, operations and monitoring with SAP HANA, addressing primarily technology consultants and administrators.
Delivery: E-Learning /// Classroom equivalent: HA200 (3-day course)
HA300E – SAP HANA – Administration & Operations (16,5-hour course)
Provides more in-depth knowledge on implementing information models in SAP HANA and replication of data using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) addressing primarily implementation consultants.
Delivery: E-Learning /// Classroom equivalent: HA300 (3-day course)
BW362R – SAP BW on SAP HANA (9-hour course)
Participants of this course will gain an overview how to migrate and use SAP BW 7.3 with SAP HANA 1.0. Primary target audiences are consultants and customers with SAP BW experience.
Delivery: E-Learning /// Classroom equivalent: BW362 (3-day course).
OHA10 – SAP HANA (43-hour course)
Covers application and technology topics targeting qualified project team members.
Delivery: E-Learning (online knowledge product).
OBSHA1 – SAP Business Suite products powered by SAP HANA (52-hour course)
Describes SAP Business Suite products powered by SAP HANA and helps you understand how to implement those.
Delivery: E-Learning (online knowledge product).
OHAF10 – SAP HANA Analytics Foundation (25-hour course)
Introduces SAP HANA Analytics Foundation and helps you learn how to implement with SAP Business Suite.
Delivery: E-Learning (online knowledge product).


Duración2 meses
ArancelUSD3800 + impuestos


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