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Movilizer for SAP Workflow


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Movilizer SAP WorkflowIntroduction

The advantage of giving your managers the possibility to approve or reject workflows elements in SAP is very obvious: the approval processes are shorter and the company profits from the speed advantage. In order to implement mobility all you need is a very simple application and you will find a great amount of possible applications in the market that will allow you to do that. However, it is the Property Total Cost what differentiates our offer from the rest: Movilizer. Since it is a different focus only in mobility, it is the lowest cost option to “mobilize” your SAP workflow processes.

Moreover, Movilizer for SAP Workflow has the option of an SAP add-on called "Uniprocess" (an add-on certified by SAP), which, once installed; will allow you to change your SAP workflows with no programming, only through configuration.


  • Visualize workflow elements (e.g.: orders)
  • Approve or reject workflow elements (e.g.: orders)
  • Optional: Uniprocess Add-On: Adapt your workflow without programming.


It is very simple and very cost effective:

  • Therefore, it can be installed in external employees.
  • It works in any mobile phone ( even the simplest ones)
  • It is installed in seconds ( the device configuration can be done by the end user)
  • It requires minimum training for end users.
  • It is installed in days or weeks, and you can do it yourself, there is no need for external consultants
  • It has no license costs
  • The pay for the service is calculated each month (SaaS)
  • You would control 100% of your future application changes and improvements

 It is the simplest mobile application:

  • It is independent from the device
  • It is configured instead of needing development (Movilizer is parameterized in SPRO)
  • It allows changes of processes in applications “on the fly”
  • You can integrate information of several applications  (SAP or non SAP) in the mobile terminal


  • Few requirements for the end user´s  training
  • The mobile hardware can be reused
  • It does not require new servers or knowledge in middleware for mobile
  • No previous investment, you only pay for the use
  • Short and increasing development cycles


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