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BPM (Business Process Management) is the business methodology that aims at optimizing and coordinating the flow of process and tasks, the access to resources and the exchange of information between external and internal clients in the organization.

With this practice we help redesign, rethink and replan each process within a global business strategy. That is to say, all the proccesses and individuals walking towards the same colective goal.

The companies implement BPM because it reduces costs and eliminates waste. Currently, many companies aim and getting certified carrying out this methodology. Pampa offers the following services related to BMP:

  • Modelling and process enineeringBPM SAP para manejo de Procesos en Argentina
  • Process analysis and design
    • Process implementation
    • Process documentation
    • Process management and control
  • IBPMO implementation (processes office) 
  • Processes audit


You can find us in

Argentina Argentina

Lamadrid 470 – Zona i – Nave 2
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

+54 341 5279490

+54 341 435 3529

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Chile Chile

San Sebastián 2812 Of. 809
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

+56 22 233 2227

+56 23 206 1327

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